Longtail Cider began in 2011 when three neighbouring fruit farmers (Mark, James & Dave) decided to pool their apple crop to make a pure apple juice cider.  A stroke of luck unearthed a long forgotten apple press, which they diligently restored and put to work. The cider is handcrafted in small batches to produce a traditional 'Proper' cider. 

Longtail cider is named after an ancient folklore that describes the people of the Medway towns as Longtails as a result of a curse that Saint Austin placed on the people and its descendants, causing everyone to grow a tail.  The cider is deeply rooted in the tradition of Kentish fruit growing and celebrates its location sandwiched between the Thames Estuary and River Medway, grown, pressed and made in Higham, a history laden village renowned as the home and inspiration of Charles Dickens.

Longtail is also a mathematical term meaning far from the norm...Longtail Cider is indeed that.

Our Varieties

GOLDEN LONGTAIL: A true Kentish cider made from Cox & Bramleys grown in Higham. Dry.

BLEND: Kentish Cox and Bramley with a generous helping of cider apples to give that extra bite. Medium Dry.

BLACK DOG: The full and complex flavour of real cider apples. Dry.

PERRY: Made from Comice and Conference pears grown in Higham. Medium Sweet.

VINTAGE: Aged Longtail Golden to produce a mellower flavour. Medium.